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Liver Transplant

In India even though there are 25,000 patients with liver failure b

Oncology surgeries

Surgical care to patients with solid tumors in combination with adj

Kidney Transplant

Chronic kidney diseases are a major concern these days afflicting a

Cardiothoracic Surgery

At our cardiothoracic surgery department offer elective or emergenc

Total Knee Replacement

Patients who have severe arthritis of the knees will experience a d

Aesthetic plastic surgery

The state-of-the-art techniques, procedures, equipment, and surgica

Laparoscopic Procedures

The surgery which is done using small incisions is known as laparos

Reconstructive Surgery

The plastic surgery techniques and procedures used to repair, fix,

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5 signs you may have kidney stones

Kidney stones are hard stone-like deposits which are mostly made up of minerals and salts. Read More

Date : Nov 9, 2019

10 Signs Of A Possible Heart Attack

Every heart problem does not accompany a chest pain like the misconception among the public. Read More

Date : Nov 9, 2019

Featured Treatment Estimates

Frequenty Searched Treatment Estimates


  • Knee Replacement - $4200
  • Hip Replacement - $5700
  • ACL Reconstruction - $3200


  • Heart Bypass - $4500
  • Valve Replacement - $6000
  • Angioplasty - $4500
  • ASD VSD - $5000


  • IVF Treatment - $3500
  • Fibroid Removal - $2200
  • Hysterectomy - $3200