About Orthopedic

In the form of treatment and rehabilitation, complete and comprehensive care is given to our patients for all types of bones and joint diseases and all types of age groups whether young or old. We offer treatments for the bone and joint diseases like sports injuries, shoulder &hand disorders, foot injuries, trauma cases, musculoskeletal tumors, hip and knee disorders, spinal conditions, sports injuries and other orthopedic conditions which includes infections, rheumatic & immunologic diseases. We provide world-class and specialized facilities for the management of all musculoskeletal conditions in our Bone and Joints Clinic. 

      If you are suffering from an ongoing spinal condition which is complicated, a joint problem which is complex, or a knee injury and no treatment is working to improve the condition then you should consider us for your treatment. 

      Every patient needs efficient and swift management of their condition in there fast-paced and modern world. Specialized orthopedic care along with cutting edge research and a staff which is supportive enough for helping you and your family is what everyone should look for. The most important thing that people look for these days is an orthopedic expert who will be able to understand their case well and will also be able to assist you through the entire process of the recovery.

    We follow a patient-centric approach and believe in our goal that every patient should be given personal attention and the optimum level of orthopedic care. Our collaborative team strives to deliver world-class and advanced orthopedic care which is very well optimized to your specific requirements. This will be the case if you are admitted in our inpatient facility or are an outpatient.