About Urology

You will get advanced or world-class care in the form of surgical & medical management for genitourinary conditions and its diagnosis including male & female urinary system care, andrology (male) treatments, specialized urodynamic testing services (including uroflowmetry), endourology services, uro-oncology, neuro-urology, paediatric urology, reconstructive urology and advanced diagnostics expertise in the form of interventional radiology and uropathology services.

The medical & surgical management of diseases and conditions in the genitourinary systems offers advanced and world-class health-care through the urology clinic including:

· Male Urinary-tract system

· Female Urinary-tract system

· Male Reproductive organs

Various urogenital organs including kidney (kidney transplant, kidney cancer, kidney stone), prostate (prostatitis, prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia), bladder (bladder stones, bladder cancer, cystitis), male reproductive organs (andrology: male infertility, erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory disorders, testicular cancer, vasectomy) and female urinary system (pelvic organ prolapses, urinary incontinence) are managed by the urology clinic.


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